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Box Noctua/Brama

box noctua brama

Box Noctua/Brama

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A pack of very different beers to savor all the goodness of the craft beer of the Opificio Birraio. On the one hand we have Noctua, made of pure barley malt with a creamy taste and an opaque golden colour, on the other we have Brama, made of wheat with a spicy and aromatic aroma. The Opificio Birraio produces barley and hops from its own fields, all at 0 km.

NOCTUA : Golden Ale Alcohol content 5%. A craft beer with a slightly opaque golden color and an aroma of ripe white fruit. With a creamy taste with hints of malt and hops, this beer goes well with sausages, semi-mature cheeses and tasty first courses. And again, main courses based on white meat and pizzas with an energetic flavour, creamed potatoes and leeks, risottos, pumpkin, taleggio cheese. Fresh pasta with vegetables or fish, spelled salads, soy burgers, quinoa. Recommended serving temperature 8-12 C°.

BRAMA : Blanche made from barley and organic raw wheat. Alcoholic degrees: 5%. The Brama beer from the Opificio Birraio is artisanal and Tuscan. With a spicy and aromatic aroma and a slightly opaque white colour, its taste is reminiscent of coriander and orange peel. Ideal to pair with shellfish, fish and fresh cheeses. The Opificio Birrario is agricultural, that is, it produces all the ingredients needed to make beer directly from its own fields, artisanal, unpasteurised, natural and genuine. Recommended serving temperature 8-12 C°.


Noctua: Water, barley malt , sugar, hops, yeast - Brama: Water, barley malt , unmalted wheat , hops, coriander, orange peel, elderflower, sugar, yeast, spices.


Cardboard box - darkened glass bottle.


Store in a cool place away from light. Forms natural sediments.


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