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Box Glaux/Demeter

box glaux demetra

Box Glaux/Demeter

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A gift package composed of organic craft beer: Glaux, a pure malt Belgian Ale with an amber and slightly opaque color and Demetra, a light and seasonal beer. With a different taste, both artisanal produced according to tradition by the Opificio Birraio, an Italian brewery of great importance and a master in this sector. Continue to visit our online shop for our typical Tuscan products.

GLAUX : Amber Belgian Ale. Alcohol content: 6.5%, an unpasteurized organic Tuscan beer of pure malt made with craftsmen by the Opificio Birraio. Slightly opaque amber color with a fruity aroma, soft and persuasive. On the nose it is reminiscent of hazelnut, caramel, chestnut honey and dried fruit, with balsamic hints together with spicy notes. To be paired with first courses with rich and spicy sauces, red meats, stewed wild boar, venison fillet, grilled beef and pork, mature cheeses, spicy couscous, risottos, sauced soy and seitan meatballs, vegetable tajine. Recommended serving temperature 8-12 C°.

DEMETRA : Seasonal Pale Ale, the first 100% Tuscan. Alcoholic content: 4.6%. An unpasteurized and organic craft beer. Produced with cereals and hops from our fields. Delicate and floral on the nose, it is soft, rich and balanced in the mouth with notes of acacia honey, citrus fruits, white flowers. Born after years of commitment by the Opificio Birraio, the first product in the history of the brewery in the province of Pisa. Pairings: fresh cheeses, salads, rice salads, pasta with basil pesto, savory pies, chicken carpaccio. risottos with fresh fruit or vegetables, pea cream soup, courgettes. Recommended serving temperature 6-8 °C.


Glaux: Water, barley malt , sugar, hops, yeast. - Demetra: Water, 2020 barley malt , yeast, sugar and 2020 hops.


Cardboard box - darkened glass bottle.


Store in a cool place away from light. Forms natural sediments.


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