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Montinera Imperial Russian Stout

montinera imperial russian stout, 33cl

Montinera Imperial Russian Stout

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Montinera Imperial Russian Stout beer. Alcohol content 9%. Montinera is a seductive unpasteurized craft beer with dark color tones and hints of chocolate reminiscent of barley in the cup, liquorice and coffee. Impenetrable as the night, mysterious with hints of coffee and vanilla. Imperial for its high alcohol content. A balance of toasted malts along with the balm of spices still makes the beer enjoyable. The Piccolo Birrificio Clandestino produces a vast line of top and bottom fermentation beers. National and international recognitions are confirmation of the continuous research and innovation that the Brewery follows in creating significant and important craft beers. An excellent, young, fantastic team from Livorno. Continue to visit our online shop for other typical Tuscan products.


Water, barley malt , oats , hops, yeast (Northern Brewer, Cascade), spices (vanilla pods, ginger), sugar.


Tinted glass bottle.


Store in a cool place away from light. Forms natural sediments.


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