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Awanagana Golden Ale 75 cl

awanagana golden ale, 75cl

Awanagana Golden Ale 75 cl

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Gluten free Golden Ale beer. Alcohol content 4.8%. Awanagana is an unpasteurized craft beer based on European hops with a straw color and an aroma reminiscent of tropical fruit (white melon, pineapple, papaya) . The taste is lean and delicate, with final bitter notes. Made with new generation hops that give aromas of tropical fruit and marked aromatic notes. On the palate it has a slim body for easy and refreshing drinking. The Piccolo Birrificio Clandestino produces a vast line of top and bottom fermentation beers. Production includes a line of continuous products, always available. Recommended serving temperature 11 °C. Continue discovering our online shop for other typical Tuscan products.


Waterfall, malt of barley, oats , hops (Hallertau blanc, Barbe Rouge, Styrian Wolf, Callista), yeast, sugar.


Tinted glass bottle.


Store in a cool place away from light. Forms natural sediments.


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