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Tuscan red astraeus

Astro rosso toscano, 0,75Lt

Tuscan red astraeus

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Tuscan red Astreo, from the God of the starry night with a noble and generous character, generates this intense and satisfying red wine, with a strong taste and elegant tones, ideal for lunches or dinners based on red meats, game and good mature cheeses. Accompanied by chocolate after the meal it is an excellent combination. Soft and herbaceous wine, with good aromatic persistence. Matured in small oak barrels and refined in the bottle, it is particularly suitable for accompanying your lunches and events in a decorous way. Our values ​​are fundamental to obtaining a good wine, from respect and management of the soil, to the protection of resources, from cultivation care to the management of the vineyards. The best wine online. This is our daily work. For other typical Tuscan products continue to visit our online shop.


Grape variety: Pure Cabernet Sauvignon.
Alcohol: 13.5%.
Maturation: Matured in oak barrels and refined in bottle.


Glass bottle.


Store in a cool place away from light. Forms natural sediments.


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