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Who we are

Passionate about the artisanal food and wine products of our territory, we thought we would share our Tuscan excellence with you .

If you are looking for quality in food, the guarantee of a genuine and natural product, its true flavor and all the positive effects that eating well brings to your health and satisfies your values, then Spilucco is the right choice . Discover the characteristics of the individual products that we have selected for each line and variant, with the advantage that you will find the item immediately, and you will not have to worry about having to choose an identical alternative.

The question

Try to imagine the time you would have to dedicate if you decided to do the shopping by directly visiting all our Tuscan producers, plan visits and collections, check the costs to be incurred during the trip, and all this without affecting your work and commitments family members. It would be difficult for us too if this wasn't our job. This is why we have decided to make accessible those healthy and genuine products that you will never find in large-scale retail trade. Tuscany at the table , ready for you.

The solution

We collect the requested products daily, based on weekly availability. To obtain genuine and natural food, it is necessary, during its preparation, to seriously respect the times and production cycles of the chosen ingredients. The result is fantastic, you will always have the best freshly made food ready for you . Spilucco will shortly entrust the shopping to the express courier which will be delivered to you within 48 hours from the shipping date.


The best of our land in 10 minutes. Do your shopping conveniently and quickly, free to choose the quantities of products you prefer, you will receive everything in a single shipment. The fresh products are packaged with certified packaging for the management of controlled cold temperatures. If you want to learn more, watch the video and read the information regarding the technical characteristics and warranty of the service.

Support the short supply chain, agricultural activities, organic products and natural ones. The only real reason that leads a person to choose an agricultural job is the love they have for nature which surprises us every day. Make the difference . Become eco-friendly, nibble with us.

The advantages

  • Our knowledge of the territory, of local realities, of traditional, organic, biodynamic, IGT, DOP products, seriousness and respect, are an unlimited guarantee for you.
  • Freedom of choice and purchase, without minimum order or quantity
  • Receive everything in one shipment.
  • Special packaging for perishable products always free.
  • You save time, money, travel, and receive what was once impossible to offer
  • Direct purchase without intermediaries and distributors.
  • Products selected by type, an easy purchase, the best
  • Guarantee your body good health and your taste a special flavor
  • You help farms and support them with your spending
  • Contribute to protecting the environment and respecting animals.


Freedom of choice and purchase

No minimum order or quantity

Single shipment

Receive everything in one shipment

Controlled temperature

100% recyclable refrigerated Kraft paper packaging. Always free

Fresh products

We collect the products daily, guaranteeing their freshness

Green choice

Go green with one click, support the environment and take care of yourself