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Company The Tuscany Food Company is located in Grosseto where Davide and Daniela decide to undertake this activity by turning their love for the typical products of Tuscan gastronomy, ragù, sauces and condiments into a job. Story In 2019 Davide and Daniela began their business based on the harmony between man and nature and the desire to offer healthy, genuine and authentic food. Their philosophy has been maintained to this day by making use only of collaborators who reflect what the founders have always tried to enhance. Work Internal production creates excellent products starting from high quality raw materials which are transformed following the traditional recipes of the Grosseto and Tuscan countryside. Jams, sauces and meat sauces and ready-made soups are offered by the company to allow you to taste a complete Tuscan menu "of the past". Value proposition Gastronomic excellence to savor Tuscan craftsmanship and beauty on your plate!


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