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Trinci artisan roasting


The Trinci family tradition is the interpretation that has always (together with the spirit of innovation and the continuous search for the quality of raw materials) characterized Trinci production since the 1930s.


The Trinci roasting company began in Florence at the end of the 1930s in Ercole's shop, which produced coffee as an elite drink. The economic boom and the increasingly mass diffusion of the home coffee machine make coffee an increasingly accessible drink. Over the years the shop has had many satisfactions and changes, from the new headquarters in Agliana in the Pistoia area, to distribution in the best restaurants, to collaboration with a large industrial group. Many successes, but the desire for craftsmanship remains the common thought even in the current generation and in 2003 the new artisan workshop in Cascine di Buti nel Pisano came to life.



It is in the new artisan laboratory that we start again from the true artisan tradition with the father's old "direct flame" and "indirect flame" roasters. Ercole's art of roasting is updated with the new experiences gained over time. Only the best coffees from Yemen, Honduras, Jamaica, and Panama are processed and since 2004 Andrea Trinci has collaborated withSlowfood, processing coffee from the highlands of Huehuetenango in Guatemala and Harenna in Ethiopia

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