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 Company The Regina di Noce organic beekeeping company was born from an idea by Stefano Ciucci out of love for nature and Monte Pisano, a mountain formation behind Pisa, where, on his grandparents' farm, he spent his childhood days; He is supported in the management of the company by Federica Giometti, who has always been passionate about honey, and who also takes care of communication and social projects. Story Stefano's desire was to create a 100% pure high quality organic honey that was intimately linked to the territory he knew well, rich in spontaneous blooms, so he placed the first hives in the Noce di Vicopisano valley (PI) at the foot of Mount Wart, and discovers that the honey produced has very intense taste, consistency and aroma characteristics. Moved by curiosity to discover the link between honey and territory, he brings other hives to Valgraziosa in the hamlet of Villa in Calci (PI), on Monte Serra, and in the Pisa Plain, establishing stable apiaries to encourage the creation of truly virtuous ecosystems . Organic certification is obtained immediately for the company's locations, which are of naturalistic value, for compliance with the regulations that require the use of organic waxes in the hive, not to use medicines, and to guarantee the traceability of this typical Tuscan product. Work The care and well-being of bees are the main objective of the Company which in doing so manages to reap the best fruits of the peaceful work of its bees. Honey collections are made during Spring and Summer and are kept separate; the honey extraction takes place in the certified organic company laboratory, the honey is kept in the decanting barrels only for the necessary time, and put into jars in the state in which it is found, and tends to crystallize naturally. Each jar has its own label which identifies the honey as Italian, from the various areas of the apiaries and in the case of Millefiori also for the Spring or Summer season; the silver guarantee seal, in addition to guaranteeing the integrity of the product, contains the precious indication of the apiary of origin, so as to immediately connect each individual jar to the exact place of production of the honey. Regina di Noce can boast of being the only Italian beekeeping company to trace its organic honey so precisely, both the monoflora and the various wildflowers, precisely because it intends to offer its customers the thrill of tasting many types of honey such as produced in nature. You will find Regina di Noce organic honey in the monoflora types, such as Chestnut, Linden, Bramble, Erica, Sunflower, and Spring and Summer Millefiori in the subtypes taken from the Noce, Serra and Villa apiaries, for a surprising variety of colours, textures, tastes and aromas, true indicators of biodiversity. Value proposition Honey at the highest level of purity, for those looking for high quality products with absolute respect for the natural life rhythms of bees and the environment.


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