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Company Podere Fontecornino is located in Montepulciano and is managed by the great Trentino apple grower Martin Gschleier in an uncontaminated environment of beautiful Tuscany where artisanal organic apple juice is produced. Story It was 1992 when Martin purchased the farm at 400 m above sea level, bringing his experience of Trentino to the rolling hills of Siena, giving birth to his organic farm. The passion for health and nature from the beginning has continued and expanded over time to also reach the collaborators, because esteem and respect for people are the basis for eco-sustainable work. Work Apples of over 10 varieties are grown organically and respecting the rhythms of nature. The apples are chosen on the farm and left to rest in controlled atmosphere refrigerators to preserve their quality, they contain natural nutrients and are top quality and can be recognized by their incomparable taste. Value proposition Trentino experience and Tuscan terroir, for those who want to taste something truly special!


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