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Company The Pastificio Caponi is located in Pontedera in Valdera and produces dried egg pasta maintaining the traditional Tuscan artisanal manual processing. Story In the 1960s the small neighborhood shop moved to larger premises to passionately begin the production and sale of egg pasta. In the 80s further development and the Pastificio Caponi transformed into a laboratory producing only dried pasta. Work Maintaining the production cycle similar to that of the 1960s together with the search for the best raw materials are the foundations of the Pastificio Caponi. Pappardelle, guitar, tagliolini, maltagliati and lasagne: these are just some of the cold rolled (not drawn) pasta products with an almost entirely manual work cycle and dried at room temperature for around 80 hours in compliance with their natural times. Value proposition If you want a niche pasta reserved for those looking for an authentic and truly artisanal taste, the products of Pastificio Caponi are for you!


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