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Company Mila's Boutique is located in the municipality of Orentano (PI) where Mila and Fernando work game meat in the beautiful Tuscan hilly landscape of Cerbaie, creating typical Tuscan artisanal sauces, ragù and condiments. Story Always lovers of good food, 30 years ago Mila and Fernando decided to transform their passion into a job while always maintaining the spirit and soul of the past. Work Processing and cooking of all Tuscan game meats, where they arrive fresh directly to the laboratory which proceeds in compliance with all health and hygiene regulations. The animals naturally arrive whole and all phases are carried out internally, manually to create the Tuscan recipes in the most absolute tradition. Even the aromas and spices are those of the recipes of the past and cooking can take up to 7 hours: the slowness and passion that are reflected in the dish. Value proposition True Tuscan recipes now unobtainable... only with Mila's products can you taste the truest Tuscany.


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