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Company Family-run company for the production of fresh and mature cheeses, ricotta and other products from organic and dynamic agriculture Story The Avvenire dairy is located in a building built between 1200 and 1300 in the ancient medieval village of Casanova di Terricciola where it has always been run in a family way, producing and offering lively and healthy products. The idea of ​​quality products that contribute to people's well-being is the vision that the company has always promoted, strongly believing that nutrition is the basis of human health. Work The farm raises red spotted cows, fed with hay and alfalfa produced by them without the use of feed. The milk obtained is in small quantities, but of natural production and of absolute quality, it is used for the production of various cheeses, ricotta, taleggio, salted tomini and also for yogurt. Value proposition For those looking for extremely genuine products, Avvenire is the right choice!


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