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Company It is in the ancient Chiusa Borrini in Sant'Andrea di Compito in Lucchesia that Guido Cattolica, the visionary agronomist, began the activity of the only tea plantation in Italy in 1990.

Story Guido Cattolica working at the botanical garden of Lucca who in 1990 recognized two specimens of Camellia sinensis, the species whose leaves and shoots are used for the production of tea. Having survived a very harsh winter of 1985, Guido Cattolica did an acclimatization test, considered crazy by his colleagues at the time. Subsequently, following the excellent results, he selected a line now called the Sant'Andrea ecotype (sinensis variety, sinensis species, Sant'Andrea ecotype). For this heroic undertaking Guido Cattolica earned worldwide notoriety in the sector.

Work The plantation has grown over time to 2,500 specimens divided into 5 tea gardens for a quality production of between 14 and 18 kg per year, almost all of which is sold in the area. There are four types produced: white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea. From May to July there is strictly manual harvesting by people selected directly by Guido. The drying of the leaves with dry heat stabilization (in the Chinese way) and the rolling are all done in a homemade and artisanal way.

Value proposition A unique Tuscan rarity in Italy, an ultra niche product that cannot be missing from the range of senses of your taste.


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