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Company The Fratelli Carai company is in Località Montemiccioli in the municipality of Volterra where it produces a vast range of raw milk cheeses, only with natural ferments and with milk derived from its own livestock that graze in the middle/upper Valdicecina. Story The Carai family has been producing cheeses since the early 1900s in Sardinia, until 1956 when the Carai Brothers' father moved with his family and livestock to Tuscany. At Podere Rimini in Montemiccioli they find their definitive base, continuing their passion for producing high quality pecorino cheeses. Work Cheeses made with only milk from their own sheep that graze and live in complete harmony with the rhythms of nature. For production, raw milk, therefore unpasteurised, is still synonymous with genuine eating as no type of chemical or genetic alteration is used. The passion and love for the land is also found in the cutting-edge systems that exploit renewable energy. The centenary tradition in "making cheese" is found in production where experience mixes with fresh, matured, blue cheeses and spreadables. Value proposition Eating Fratelli Carrai cheeses takes you back to a time when dinner was still finished in the evening with a good pecorino. For those looking for the flavors and harmonies of the past, these are the cheeses to try.


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