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Company: Pastificio Fabbri has been run by the same family for 5th generations and they make pasta with the same method without changes in the same location in the square in Strada in Chianti in the province of Florence, and produces an organic artisanal pasta, using white and wholemeal Italian flours .

Story: The company was born in 1893 when Giovanni Fabbri moved to Strada in Chianti and began producing pasta based on the oral knowledge passed down from his parents who were already millers and pasta makers. We are in the fifth generation, confirming that the love and passion for what we do never ends. 

Work: Temperatures below 38°C, natural and slow drying for up to 6 days, bronze dies, grains selected and processed by trusted mills, ancient flavour: the union of all this can only lead to unique products. The pastas produced are the result of research into both excellent raw materials and shapes that allow you to best enjoy a good sauce.

Value proposition: Four different formats: from semolina pasta, to Cappelli wholemeal semolina, to Dicocco spelled, to Timilia ancient wheat wholemeal pasta. Naturally everything organic. An unobtainable excellence, Pasta Fabbri will take you back in time for a unique taste sensation.


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