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Company: In Tuscany there is a fantastic place where an elixir has been produced since 1800: the Elixir of China Calisaja which, like all potions, is prepared entirely by hand. In a small village on the green hills of Castagneto Carducci, Anna Maria and Nicola begin their work every day with passion and dedication in their artisan workshop to prepare their 100% natural liqueurs .

Story: The award-winning "Emilio Borsi" Liquor Factory was founded in 1800. It is said that Francesco Borsi gave life to a small artisan business, the classic shop of those times, where China Calisaja was produced inside with an ancient recipe that it was thought to cure malaria. 

Work: All prepared by hand by expert hands, linked by a century-old family bond, the liqueurs have only natural ingredients and the only mechanical machine used is the one to seal the bottle caps. The liquor store is in fact one of the oldest in Italy .

Value proposition: The award-winning liqueur factory now offers all the ancient flavors of the past, faithfully making use of their family experience .


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