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Company Bio Colombini is a Tuscan organic farming company located in a valley between the hills of Crespina, in the province of Pisa. It extends over 18 hectares of land, all certified organic. Their commitment and passion in producing and offering genuine vegetables and fruits contributes to constantly raising awareness in the area in its daily choices that are fundamental for one's well-being. Story The company was founded in the early 1900s by the grandfather of the current owner Alessandro Colombini. Over the years, Bio Colombini has gone through many historical passages, from the 2 world wars to the agricultural exodus, up to the industrialization of an Italy that was transforming. Then in 1998 the company decided to abandon the use of synthetic products and genetically modified organisms. Concerned about the consequences it would have on both workers and consumers. Thus began the organic conversion, adopting traditional cultivation and production techniques, which were used by farmers of the past, based on respect for nature and cultivation cycles, such as green manure, intercropping, rotation and mulching. Over the years, Bio Colombini has also launched projects and paths for socio-work integration and educational farms. Work To date, the company works on more than 40 hectares of land where: fruit, vegetables, olive trees, cereals, aromatic and medicinal herbs are grown. The product is sold both natural and transformed into soups, preserves, pickles, sauces, tomato purées and pulps, jams, honey and compotes. Everything organically certified. Value Proposition Choosing “Bio Colombini” means choosing a healthy and conscious diet that respects the environment and the health of the consumer.


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