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Company The Casanuova farm, in compliance with organic rules, raises laying hens outdoors, free range, taking care of the final product thanks to complete control of the supply chain. A natural rigor determined by the passion that Stefano Bracaloni and his family have always dedicated to their work.

Story Our story began in 1977, the company had an olive grove and 50 hectares of land cultivated with cereals and fodder, located on the rolling Pisan hills a few kilometers from the sea, in a quiet and protected environment, Santa Luce. Forty years later, in 2017, the idea of ​​opening an outdoor laying hen farm was born from passion.

Work We work the soil by sowing herbs and fodder, which guarantee our hens a notable supply of vitamins and mineral salts and, thanks to total respect for biodiversity, the soil is also rich in microorganisms, insects and earthworms. Quality controlled and guaranteed. 

Value proposition We hand-pick the eggs that our hens lay inside the nests to guarantee the safety, freshness and quality of the product: we want to bring back this natural breeding system as the only system, protecting our environment and people's health.


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