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Company The Le Selve agricultural company is located in the hills in the municipality of Santa Luce (PI) created in the early 90s by Pier Luigi Filippi, grower of cereals, extra virgin olive oil and wine. Story He passes on his passion for the land to his sons Fabrizio and Francesco who decide to specialize and develop high quality durum wheat in rotation with other fodder and legume crops in the large spaces available. But after analyzing the territory and the climate they understand that another cultivation to focus on is oil, a choice that turns out to be a winning one given the high quality of the oil produced. Work In the Le selve company, large-scale production with increasingly technological methods is challenged, but nature is respected, we rely on ancient methods, we observe the sky and the moon, all out of true love for the earth and its products. Chemical products are avoided and natural and plant-based methods are used. The Selve are a demonstration that we can still work like this. From this culture an excellent oil like "I Campacci" could only be born, since 1999 also a Tuscan IGP which by choice will never be found on sale in large-scale distribution. Value proposition Olio I Campacci for those looking for the high quality of an oil that always goes against the current.

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