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 Company The Corsini Sandra farm is located in Santa Luce, in Tuscany among the most beautiful hills in the province of Pisa, third generation of a family that loves the land and cultivates it respecting its own times given by nature. Story The farm began its adventure in the 1950s when the grandparents cultivated the land which their granddaughter Sandra continues today to keep the family tradition alive. Work The Corsini Sandra farm is spread over 27 hectares of olive groves, vineyards and cereals. The company also grows fruit, legumes and vegetables which are directly processed for the production of extra fruit jams in their laboratory. For the jams he puts together different fruits like his grandparents did, to find the harmony of flavor. However, the extra virgin olive oil remains a flagship product of the company which protects it by certifying it as "Tuscan IGP". Value proposition Pure authenticity, products for those who have nature in their soul!


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