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Company The Selva Mimosa Beekeeping Company is located in Crespina in the Pisan hills in Tuscany, run by Valentina Berrugi, a lover of bees and organic farming, and produces artisanal honey, creating some variations with chocolate. Story Valentina's great passion came to fruition in 2018 when she managed to open her own farm with absolute respect for bees, a heritage for the conservation of biodiversity and the protection of the ecosystem. The honey produced, made only between the province of Pisa (from the long Pisan mountain to Chianni) and that of Livorno, perfectly reflects the flora of the uncontaminated areas, which Valentina carefully seeks out for grazing her bees. The company produces unifloral honeys (such as Acacia, linden and chestnut) and multiflora honeys (woodland wildflowers and hill wildflowers) which differ in the type of nectar collected, thus trying to satisfy all palates, from those looking for more simple ones to those who prefer honeys with a more marked taste and smell. Work From the long Pisan mountain to Chianni, bees fly to uncontaminated lands to produce excellent quality honey. The production ranges from unifloral honeys such as Acacia, Lime and Chestnut to wildflowers from the woods and hills. Value proposition A range of honey that manages to satisfy those looking for a simpler flavor to those looking for a more marked flavor and smell: unique sensations for unique tasters!


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