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Company Among the Pisan hills and close to the Apuan mountains, Clarissa finds the ideal places to live with her bees where she produces honey, chestnut cream and other artisanal products. Story The beekeeping company of Clarissa Bitossi, a graduate in Animal Production Sciences and Technologies, was born from the idea of ​​creating a farm in harmony with bees, taking care of their well-being and health. Work In places of great scenic beauty, bees are always bred in the same place, so as not to create discomfort for the bees. For the main diseases, treatments are carried out in strict compliance with dosages and weather conditions and materials and equipment are regularly disinfected to avoid any possible transmission of pathogens. As Clarissa says, the love for the theoretical and practical knowledge of bee breeding must not remain the exclusive property of a few, therefore she makes her knowledge available to those who have no notion of beekeeping, to those who wish to produce honey for their own consumption or agritourism. Wildflower and chestnut honey but also chestnut-based products to complete a range of artisanal excellence. Value proposition Taste its products and you will be transported into the magic of Clarissa.


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