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Company The Angiolini Company is a small Tuscan jewel, the flagship of chocolate production. It was founded in Pontedera in the province of Pisa, by a true Master Chocolatier, Giovanni Angiolini, who with his family, a close-knit and united team, works and produces chocolate with passion and dedication to detail, managing to create a product of true excellence.

Story Giovanni Angiolini fell in love with the art of confectionery as a child, taking his first steps in the pastry shop of a well-known Florentine master pastry chef. For thirty years he worked in the production management of one of the most important chocolate companies in Italy. Then the dream of creating his own chocolate becomes a reality for his company.

Work Angiolini chocolate adopts the "From bean to bar" philosophy, i.e. from "seed to bar". From the collection of Cabossa (Cabossa is the fruit of the cocoa plant) to processing, up to production. A slow, difficult and expensive process that ensures value and excellence in the final product. High quality cocoa such as Criollo, appreciated for its aromatic notes, was the only cocoa plant encountered by the Spanish conquistadors, the first cocoa to reach Europe. Considered today one of the best in the world. The Angiolini company does not use oils or emulsifiers, which are used to enrich low-quality chocolates, but only three ingredients: pure cocoa, cane sugar and cocoa butter. The chocolate is thus transformed into bars among which 100% only cocoa stands out, a mix of the seven best cocoas in circulation, coming from Venezuela, Peru, Guatemala, Grenada, Papua New Guinea and Madagascar. The product range includes the fantastic Dragees, Chocolates, Ensembles (chocolate and Italian dried fruit), tasty spreads and tasty Pralines, authentic works of art.

Value proposition Discovering and trying Angiolini is a true exaltation of the senses, an emotional journey that transports you to those wonderful equatorial forests, where the cocoa seed grows. A more unique than rare experience.


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