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What to eat in Tuscany - All the typical dishes to try

Are you planning a holiday in Tuscany?

Great idea!!😎

Tuscany is a unique land, the list of its scenic, artistic and cultural beauties is endless, not to mention the mountains, the coast and the islands! And it's not us who say it, but the ever-increasing number of tourists who come to visit it every year!

If, in addition to being experienced travellers, you are also a regular visitor to our site, you will know that Tuscany is also a region rich in gastronomic delicacies. So if you are looking for the typical dishes of Florence, Siena, Pisa, Lucca, etc., here is the definitive guide to the best dishes of traditional Tuscan cuisine!

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What to eat when we are in Tuscany?

Let's start with the entree ! In typical Tuscan restaurants you will hardly hear this word, but if they don't serve you bread with good oil as soon as you arrive it's not a good start!



You will find the classic Tuscan starter in any restaurant, that is, a selection of local cured meats and cheeses accompanied by croutons.

Tuscan appetizer

Ascured meats you will find raw ham, salami, rigatino and finocchiona, while as cheeses pecorino cheeses of various ages are usually served.

The selection of crostini usually includes a classic liver crostini, a mushroom crostini and a bruschetta.

Often there are further additions, such as fried polenta, croquettes, honey and jams to accompany the cheeses.



Tuscany, as we know, is a land of game, so in our Sunday lunches at grandmother's what is never missing are the classic pallardelle with wild boar , hare, roe deer or pheasant ragout.

pappardelle with wild boar


Another classic dish is Zuppa Toscana or Cabbage Zuppa (or also Bread Zuppa), a simple dish made with stale bread, vegetables and rigatino.

Tuscan soup

If you are in the province of Siena (but you can find it throughout the region) we recommend you try the Pappa al Pomodoro , a soup of stale bread with peeled tomatoes, garlic, basil and plenty of olive oil.



We all know that you come to Tuscany to eat a nice Florentine steak , so we won't go any further, we just remind you that it must be cooked rare and that for us it is carpaccio under three fingers.

Another classic to try is certainly Peposo , veal cooked for hours over a low heat with red wine, pepper (from which it takes its name), and tomato. Highly recommended for fans of strong and spicy flavours.

Florentine cuisine is also famous for the use of offal, so let's not forget the Florentine tripe and a Lampredotto sandwich while walking through the streets of the centre.

Finally, we advise you to try the high-quality cured meats of Cinta Senese , and remember that in Tuscany sausage is also eaten raw!

A separate mention goes to the Truffle , which abounds in the San Miniato area and dominates all the restaurants in the autumn period. The truffle is served in flakes both on first courses and on meat, or as a sauce on first courses or crostini.




Tuscan cuisine is not just meat of course, and if you want to have a nice feast of fish your obligatory destination is Livorno.

The dish you absolutely must try is Cacciucco alla Livornese (I recommend, with 5 C!!!) , a liquid fish soup with mussels, prawns, octopus, cuttlefish, cicadas and various rock fish that each chef adds depending on the own secret recipe. Cacciucco is served with slices or toasted bread croutons and is strictly accompanied with red wine.

cacciucco alla livornese


You will also find various stalls around the city selling Fritto di Paranza : squid, prawns and various fish from boats.

In Livorno, remember to finish the meal with a nice Ponce alla Livornese , a coffee with rum, sugar and lemon juice.


DESSERT, or rather, SWEET

The end of a meal in Tuscany is something that will amaze you! Although little known, Tuscan desserts are truly delicious!

Cantuccini and Vin Santo is perhaps the most famous and widespread typical dessert in Tuscany, and you will easily find it throughout the region.

cantuccini and vin santo

Torta Coi Bischeri is a typical dessert from the Pisa area, a shortcrust pastry tart with a filling made of chocolate, rice, raisins and pine nuts.

The Torta Pisanina , which owes its name to the area of ​​origin, has a pastry base, a marzipan filling and a pastry covering.

There is a proverb that says, "As good as Giulebbe " or a dessert whose dough is that of the Easter dove, with the addition of lemon, orange and apricot zest.



Tuscany, as we all know, is the region of great red wines .

The most widespread grape variety is Sangiovese , from which all the main Tuscan DOCGs derive, such as Chianti, Brunello di Montalcino, or Nobile di Montepulciano.

As regards white wines , the most common vines are Vermentino, Trebbiano and Malvasia.

Even after-meal liqueurs derive from the processing of unv, such as Vin Santo and Grappa .


Well, now that you know all the typical Tuscan dishes, after a tour in Chianti, a visit to the Uffizi and a photo under the leaning tower, you will be ready to carefully choose what to recharge your energy with, fully enjoying an unforgettable holiday.

Enjoy your meal!

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