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Recipe for Pasta Carbonara with Tuscan Products

Let's get things straight right away, Carbonara is not a typical Tuscan dish! 😁

Its origin is disputed by various Italian regions, from Umbria to Lazio, some even claim that it was invented in America , but this is not what we want to investigate, we at Spilucco are just gourmets passionate about cooking, and so we tried to cook it with the very Tuscan, organic and artisanal products from our shop!

The result, which we tell you, was sensational!

recipe for pasta carbonara

So let's see the recipe for preparing this tasty traditional Italian dish, with suggestions from our shop if you want to give that extra touch of creativity and flavour!

How to cook spaghetti carbonare

Ingredients for 4 people) :

Ingredients to prepare pasta carbonara


  1. Cooking of the bacon

    Cut the bacon into cubes or thin strips, so you get maximum flavor when cooked. In a non-stick pan, brown the bacon cubes over medium heat. There is no need to add oil, as the bacon will release its fat. Cook until the bacon becomes crispy and golden. Once ready, remove it from the pan and place it on a plate lined with paper towels to remove excess fat.

  2. Preparation of the sauce

    Break the eggs into a bowl and add the grated Pecorino Romano cheese and pepper. Stir the mixture until you obtain a smooth consistency. Leave a few tablespoons of cheese aside for finishing.

  3. Cooking Pasta

    Bring a large pot of water to a boil. Add salt and cook the spaghetti according to package directions. Make sure to cook them al dente, so they still have a little resistance to the bite. Once ready, drain them, keeping a little of the cooking water.

  4. Creation of Egg and Cheese Cream

    Add a couple of tablespoons of the pasta cooking water to the bowl with the sauce. Stir quickly to prevent the eggs from curdling. This step is essential to obtain a creamy and velvety consistency without overcooking the eggs.

  5. Final Composition

    Pour the spaghetti into the pan previously used to cook the bacon. Add the crispy bacon and then pour the egg and cheese cream over it. Stir vigorously so that each strand of pasta is enveloped in the delicious sauce. If the pasta is too thick, you can add a little of the pasta cooking water to reach the desired consistency.

  6. Final Touch

    Finish the pasta carbonara with a generous grind of fresh black pepper and a sprinkling of remaining Pecorino Romano cheese. These ingredients give the dish a touch of spiciness and authentic flavor.


Carbonara is usually prepared with long pasta such as spaghetti, but if you prefer short pasta we recommend Bucatini, Mezzemaniche or Tortiglioni. An excellent variant is the one with Paccheri, on our shop you can find the artisanal ones made from durum wheat semolina from Pastificio Romeo, perfect for carbonara.

If you are following a controlled diet but don't want to give up such a tasty dish, we recommend trying it with wholemeal pasta, we have various formats made with 100% organic Timilia durum wheat semolina.

Wine pairing

With this dish we recommend a wine with strong minerality and freshness in order to cleanse the palate with every bite, and for this the Tuscan Vermentini are perfect, such as the Terrablu IGT from the Azienda Agricola Marcampo di Volterra (Pi), an artisan company that respects the life cycles of the vine.

If you are a lover of bubbles, the Italian Classic Method is also an excellent combination.


Now that you know all the secrets and the right ingredients, you are ready to prepare what is much more than a simple dish: it is a culinary experience that captures the soul of Italy in every bite.

With just a few quality ingredients and careful technique, you can create an unforgettable delicacy that celebrates the Italian passion for food. Prepare this recipe for your family or friends, and let the flavor and aroma of true Italian cuisine transport you on an unprecedented gastronomic journey.

Enjoy your meal!

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