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The advantages of small producers

Living in the Tuscan countryside meant for us growing up in contact with nature, in one of the areas of Italy with the highest air quality and with good, healthy and genuine food always available.

It was customary for us to eat the fruits from our father's garden, the eggs from our aunt's chickens, and drink the wine from our grandfather's vineyards. Those who didn't have these fortunes could still buy them for a few lire from their neighbor or exchange it for what they had to always have the true flavor of the fruits of the earth on their table.

As the years pass and life becomes increasingly hectic, vegetable gardens and small domestic farms begin to disappear and with this also the quality of the food we bring to the table. It therefore becomes essential to shop in large-scale retail trade, losing the good flavors and authenticity of the past in favor of intensive production.

However, the Small Producers continue to resist, scattered in the most rural areas of Tuscany, who with artisanal methods manage to pass on ancient traditions, respecting animals and natural cycles, and it is thanks to them that the idea of ​​Spilucco was born!

Buying food from small local producers has many advantages for both the community and the environment:

Firstly, local producers often use sustainable and organic production methods unlike large industries, which means reducing pollution, the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers. Additionally, local producers often use water and waste conservation and reuse practices.

Buying from a small producer allows you to keep ancient traditions alive ! Who wants to give up a nice Tuscan soup on cold winter evenings, a nice plate of Florentine tripe, or finish Sunday lunch with a slice of Torta con i Bischeri?

Buying food from small producers means supporting the local economy . These producers often use local raw materials and services. The money spent then stays in the community and is used to create jobs, wealth, and stimulate a circular economy.

The small artisans allow us to have fresh products available every day ! The products are harvested only a few days before sale, and the food is fresh, we know, it tastes better. We can count on a wide range of quality products, including fruit, vegetables, meat , cheese and honey.

small local Tuscan producers

Having the opportunity to meet the producers and know how they work is an essential factor for us. You can visit the farms, talk to the producers, learn cultivation techniques and see how the cows are raised.
Respect for production cycles and animals is a fundamental aspect in choosing our suppliers.

Finally, buying food from small local producers means supporting local agriculture and the conservation of biodiversity . Small artisans often grow unselected varieties of plants and animals for large-scale industrial production, which means supporting biological diversity.

These are the ideals that drove us to create Spilucco: supporting small producers and allowing anyone to have access to healthy, good and genuine food and wine products comfortably at home.

If you also reflect our values, come and shop in our Online Shop !

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