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Cinta Senese savory loin

lonza salata di cinta senese DOP

Cinta Senese savory loin

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The salted Cinta Senese loin has a very strong and decisive flavour, it has a uniform pink color with a slightly fatty part. The artisanal cured meats and sausages produced by Azienda Agricola il Ruscello are all gluten free. This sausage comes from a cut of pork, is salted and flavored in containers for 15 days, then is stuffed into special synthetic casings and again into elastic nets, so that it can take on a rounded shape. After these steps it is stewed for 7 days and then moves on to the maturing phase for a minimum of 30 days.


Pork loin, salt, pepper, natural flavourings, dextrose, antioxidant E 301 sodium ascorbate, preservative R 252 potassium nitrate, E 250 sodium nitrite.


Vacuum bag


The product can be stored in the fridge from 0° to +4° with a maximum shelf life of 3 months. After opening, consume within a few days.


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