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Finocchiona salami PGI

Finocchiona IGP salame toscano Viani

Finocchiona salami PGI

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Finocchiona PGI salami is a soft salami, flavored with wild fennel seeds, which gives it a delicate aroma, together with the added garlic. The slice has multiple colors ranging from the flesh red of the lean parts to the pinkish-white of the fat parts. Since 2015, Finocchiona has entered the list of Tuscan PGI products (Protected Geographical Indication), which seal guarantees that the product has been prepared in Tuscany. Salumificio Viani makes this gluten-free and lactose-free salami, its artisanal cured meats are an excellence of our region.


Pork, pork fat, salt, sugars: (dextrose, sucrose), fennel seeds and flowers, cracked pepper, ground pepper, antioxidant E301, garlic, preservatives E250, E252. Inedible casing.


Vacuum packed.


Store at a temperature between +2°C and +4°C. Product shelf life up to 3 months from the packaging date.


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